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Region 2 News December 2019

Unless you are on your way South or are already there, you have winterized your Airstream and lovingly tucked it away for the winter months. Although we will not be heading to someplace warmer this winter, Kathi and I are fortunate to be able to park the shiny #1512 in our driveway, next to the house. It is there every morning when I go out to get the newspaper and its sitting there in the afternoon sun when I get back from running errands. It is a constant reminder of past adventures and of those yet to come. It is just barely Winter as I write this and I am already planning our Spring travels. “Can’t wait” is an understatement!

I’m pleased to say that two more of our Region 2 units have voted to change their names to include Airstream ClubCongratulations to New York Finger Lakes Airstream Club (Pres. Randy Hill) and Al-Mon-O Pennsylvania Airstream Club (Pres. Vinny Rossitto) and their members for embracing the future of our Airstream Club, Int’l. That makes five (5) unit name changes in the six months since I became your President in Doswell this past July. Which unit will be next? There is no better way to define who we are to prospective members than having Airstream Club in our name. Please contact me with any questions on the process.

Registrations for the 2020 Region 2 Rally to be held in Kingston, Ontario Canada continue to come in. Out of 108 sites allotted to us by Rideau Acres Campground, we have 87 rigs registered to date. Don’t delay…make your reservations with the Campground today and sign up for the Rally online here: flyer-v3.0.pdf Its going to be a great time…don’t miss it. More info on beautiful Kingston, Ontario may be found here:

Region 2 Caravan Leader Kerry Mattila has informed me he has 17 names on his list for the Rocky Mountain High Caravan to Loveland, CO and the 63rd Airstream Club Int’l Rally, with room for a few more. The Caravan will be leaving directly from the Region 2 Rally in Kinston, Ontario. It will be a leisurely trip through Canada and the US, stopping along the way at various points of interest. More information and sign-up info may be found here:

I will be attending the Mid-Winter IBT meeting in Las Vegas, NV to be held January 20-24, 2020. There will be plenty on the agenda to discuss. I look forward to the Region Officer Roundtables where we share ideas that shape the future of our Airstream Club. If you have questions or input you feel valuable, please contact me. Email me at I would be glad to hear from you.

Kathi joins me in wishing all our Region 2 members and their families a wonderful Holiday Season, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Rich Short